Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Federal Way, WA 

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Federal Way, WA knows, motorcycles accidents can be incredibly dangerous and often result in very severe injuries or even fatalities. Even when a motorcyclist is wearing all of the protective and safety gear and abiding by the rules of the road, they simply do not have the same protection you can expect from a car: there are no airbags, no metal and glass near you to break the impact of another vehicle, and no seatbelts. If you were in a motorcycle accident and are suffering from injuries because of it, reach out to Park Chenaur & Associates, Inc., P.S.

What Kinds of Injuries can You Expect When You Have Been Hit by a Vehicle? 

If you were riding on your motorcycle and you were hit by another vehicle, you can expect to get any of the following injuries:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Road rash
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back injury
  • Internal and external bleeding

A Federal Way, Washington motorcycle accident lawyer wants you to know that you may get into an accident with a non-moving car and the results can still be serious. For example, if you are on a smaller road with parked cars and a person opens their car door on you, this can still cause you to become injured. You may run into the door and fly off your bike or you may swerve to avoid the door and run into something else causing you to become injured. 

You may be concerned that if another vehicle did not directly hit you then you will not have evidence for a claim. However, someone else can still be responsible for your accident even if they did not run into you. Speak with your attorney about your situation and work to gather evidence for your claim. 

How Long Should I Wait to File My Claim? 

The sooner you can file your claim after your motorcycle accident the better. In the state of Washington, you have up to three years after the date of your accident to file your claim. If you try to file after this date, you risk losing out on all of the compensation you may have been awarded.

Are you hoping to speak with a lawyer to file your motorcycle injury claim? Contact Park Chenaur & Associates, Inc., P.S. to speak with our motorcycle accident lawyer in Federal Way, Washington now.