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When an accident occurs and someone is hurt, we often assume that, with time, victims will make a full recovery from their injury and put their accident behind them. Often, this is true—but not always. Unfortunately, some injuries leave accident victims with lasting, even permanent effects. When these injuries are due to the actions of someone else, victims and their loved ones have the option to seek compensation from those responsible. Reach out to a Federal Way catastrophic injure lawyer.

At Park Chenaur & Associates, our firm is 100% committed to personal injury lawyer. That means that our legal team is well-versed in the adverse impact catastrophic injuries can have on victims and their quality life and how to develop injury claims that comprehensively address both their immediate and long-term needs. If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt in an accident caused by someone else, our firm is ready to assist you.

“What Are Catastrophic Injuries?”

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that leave victims with a permanent disability or permanently affect their quality of life. These individuals may not be able to return to their profession—even after recovering—and may require ongoing medical care.

Common forms of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Major bone fractures
  • Serious burn injuries

Seeking Maximum Compensation

When pursuing these claims, it’s critical that your legal counselor takes a comprehensive view of the client’s needs: Their immediate medical needs and lost wages need to be addressed—but also their ongoing needs to help manage their injury and maintain their quality of life.

This is done by determining what is known as the victim’s “maximum medical improvement.” MMI is especially critical in catastrophic injury cases where victims don’t make a full recovery. Once doctors determine that the victim will improve no further from their injuries, attorneys can start making an accurate assessment of the client’s ongoing medical needs and incorporate them into the injury claim. That way, the victim’s financial recovery will potentially address their needs for years to come.

This is the kind of thorough and aggressive approach clients can expect at our firm. Our professionals work closely with our clients’ loved ones and their doctors to address the full scope of their needs. If Park Chenaur & Associates proceeds with your case, you can rest assured that our team will diligently pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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