Partner, Park Chenaur Injury Lawyers

Andrew Kim is a local in this community having grown up in Federal Way. He went to the University of Washington for undergrad before going to Rutgers in New Jersey for law school. After law school, he returned and was admitted to practice law in Washington State in 2015.

All of his life, Andrew wanted to help people. At Park Chenaur, he is using his legal skills to help our clients find resolutions for their injuries. Also, being a local, he enjoys sharing with the larger community tips on how to deal with insurance companies or how to proceed if you’re injured in a car accident. Andrew wants to best serve the members of his community by being there whenever he is needed.

When Andrew is not immersed in resolving matters for the benefit of our clients, he enjoys the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer including its various restaurants, hiking trails, and coffee shops. He particularly enjoys backpacking and the fresh air of the mountains. But most of all, he enjoys helping people and looks forward to helping you should you ever be in need.

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