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Park Chenaur & Associates have established a reputation for relentless—yet compassionate—advocacy on behalf of the injured, a firm grasp of the complex legal system, and exceptional representation. Our offices are conveniently located in Federal Way and Tacoma and we handle a broad range of personal injury matters, from traffic accidents and catastrophic injuries to medical malpractice and slip and fall injuries. You retain more than just a seasoned personal injury attorney in Federal Way and Tacoma when you turn to Park Chenaur & Associates—you retain counsel from a full-fledged team. Trust that we are committed to pursuing maximum compensation for your recovery.

We Speak Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian.
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The Team at Park Chenaur & Associates

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Advocates for the Injured

The Trustworthy Ally You Need

Since our firm was founded, we've been known for being the lawyers our clients can trust. We never take more than what our client recovers in settlement. Our attorneys make sure to speak with their clients directly, addressing any questions or worries they have.

As a result, most of our business comes from grateful clients who refer their friends and loved ones to us. There's no better demonstration of respect and faith—our clients trust us with the well-being of their own family members.

About Park Chenaur & Associates

Our lawyers genuinely care about making sure our clients get everything they deserve from the people who hurt them. That's why we started Park Chenaur & Associates.

Helping People Through Their Injuries

& Providing for Their Lifelong Needs

Changing Lives Throughout Washington

How We Secured the Future for Past Clients
  • “They are able to make you understand each and every aspect of your case.”


  • “8000”

    Maria valencia

  • “They just made me feel really secure! ”


  • “Very compassionate team. They make sure you are comfortable and educated in your options and work hard to get you the results you deserve.”


  • “They handled my case very professionally.”


  • “Mr. Pustzai made going through this process so easy and efficient!”


  • “They are so kind”


  • “Awesome Attorneys!”


  • “His advice and guidance every step of the way was invaluable and extremely helpful. ”


Why Turn to Park Chenaur & Associates?


Because We Bring Compassion Back to the Courtroom.

Park Chenaur & Associates, Inc. P.S. exists for a simple reason: when people are severely injured, they're often left bankrupt and destitute. The cost of medical care, the inability to work, and the long recovery time for serious injuries often robs people of hope for the future. Our firm was created to make sure that never happens to our clients. Below, we describe what makes our firm the ally you need.
  • Relentless Advocacy

    We have two goals with every case: make sure someone answers for what they did to you, and make sure your compensation covers every moment of your recovery.

  • Empathy and Compassion

    The reason Park Chenaur & Associates, Inc. P.S. exists is to make life better for the injured. We've helped countless lives simply because we listened to our clients and cared about what they cared about.

  • Integrity

    Most of our clients were referred to us by past clients and their friends and family. When someone's family entrusts their case to us, it demonstrates how much they have faith in our work and in our experience.

  • Accessibility

    Our clients aren't chores or footballs. We value their time, their questions, and their needs. That's why our firm makes sure there's always a live person on the phones, and why our lead attorneys make it a point to answer you directly.

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