If you have completed medical treatment following a car accident or other personal injury, there are several things to keep in mind to protect your legal rights.

Let Us Know When Treatment Ends

First, let us know immediately when your treatment ends. We will need to collect proof of all of your medical expenses to present to the insurance company and/or the negligent party that caused your injury.

Pay Your Bills, or Hold them from Collections

When you contact us, we will ask you to make a list of all of the healthcare providers you have seen in connection with your injuries. In addition, make sure that all of your medical bills are either paid, submitted to the insurance company for payment, held on lien, or in the worst case, being made to hold from collections through a small payment plan.

If you can pay out of pocket costs, please do so. The settlement we negotiate will compensate you for these costs. Document any payments you make by keeping the bills, and copies of any checks.

Complete Damages Form

Once your treatment is complete and your bills are organized, we will give you a damages form to fill out. This form will include an accounting of all the money you have paid or still owe to healthcare providers in connection with your injuries. We will use this form to create a formal demand letter that will be sent to the relevant parties in your case.


Depending on the details of your case, we may ask you to fill out a standard survey. This survey lets you tell more of your story, including anything you may have not told your doctor. We typically use this survey as a way to get more information to help humanize your case.

There are some other topics to also keep in mind.