After we send a demand letter, the insurance company (or other party) will likely respond with a settlement offer. They have 30 days from the date we send the letter to review the file and either say they need more info, more time, or simply make the offer. We almost never advise that you take the first offer, as it is usually far less than what you deserve.

We will continue to negotiate with the insurance company, and keep you informed as the process proceeds. Once we believe we have achieved the highest settlement possible without litigation, we will present it to you and recommend you either take it or not. If you do not take it, the next step is to file a lawsuit and begin formal litigation.

Ultimately, it is your choice how to proceed, but remember, because we are paid based on how much money we recover on your behalf, we have an incentive to maximize your settlement. If we think an offer is too low, it is because we know we can get a better offer with formal litigation. The factors that impact whether we think a settlement is fair usually include the severity of your injuries, to what extent the offending party was responsible, and the evidence available to support your case, such as witness statements and police reports.