Personal Injury Lawyers in Lakewood

At Park Chenaur & Associates, our team of personal injury lawyers is experienced at representing people with a wide variety of injuries from accidents in the Lakewood area.

We have helped countless accident victims get the compensation they deserve since 1999. Our attorneys have a proven track record with various types of injuries and have recovered many millions of dollars for clients.

We will simplify the process of claiming for compensation and help you navigate the legal steps required to maximize your claim so that you can focus on recovering from your injury.

Have you been injured in an accident in Lakewood?

Over the past two decades and more, our attorneys have helped people with virtually every type of personal injury in Lakewood.

We know how stressful the process can be for victims and are intimately familiar with the relevant laws and procedures associated with personal injury claims.

Our guidance will help you resolve your claim efficiently, regardless of the type of accident that you have suffered – from auto accidents to animal bites.

How can our personal injury lawyers help?

Have you been injured in an accident in Lakewood where another party (or parties) was partly or wholly at fault?

If so, a lawyer specializing in tort law can help you seek compensation. Typically, our lawyers help with victims of the following types of accidents:

Personal injury claims can result from many different situations and while the most visible injuries are physical, there are psychological, emotional and economic losses that also result directly from accidents.

Your lawyer will help you hold the responsible party liable for their negligent, reckless or malicious actions, whether it is another driver, a medical or nursing facility or a product manufacturer.

If you have been injured in an accident, the claims process is made considerably easier with legal representation.

Claiming compensation is rarely straightforward for the uninitiated – and you may be pressured by an insurance company into agreeing to a settlement that is not in your best interests.

After an injury, you should be able to focus on your recovery rather than having to navigate the claims process. Our lawyers will liaise with the insurance company of the at-fault party and look to negotiate an out-of-court settlement that adequately covers your losses. 

If that’s not possible, we are prepared to go to court to fight for your interests.

What compensation can we recover for you?

With most personal injury claims in Washington, medical costs contribute to a large proportion of the overall losses.

However, we may be able to claim for a lot more than the medical costs already incurred, including:

  • Future medical costs: if you require ongoing medical care or physiotherapy
  • Lost income: if your accident caused you to miss work 
  • Future lost income: if your injuries will require you to take time off work in the future
  • Property damage: if you suffered damage to property (e.g. your car) 
  • Pain and suffering: if you suffered physical or emotional pain
  • Loss of quality of life: if your injuries have resulted in a lower quality of life

How does PIP affect a personal injury claim?

Personal injury protection (PIP) is provided by auto insurance companies as a means of covering medical costs and lost wages if you are involved in an accident. 

We all know that costs easily mount up for any medical issue. This, combined with the inability to work, can place accident victims and their families in a dire financial situation.

Sometimes, for victims with young children, it also creates problems for child care and some PIP policies will provide cover for this situation too.

While PIP is not required in Washington state, it may help your peace of mind.

Compensation claims against at-fault parties generally take some time to arrange, even with a skilled lawyer. PIP insurance will help you navigate the period until your compensation is paid.

However, some clients experience problems with accessing their PIP coverage. It can help to have the support of an experienced lawyer to communicate with your own insurance company as well as the third-party insurance company of the at-fault party.

What we need to prove in a personal injury claim

There are three essential facts we need to prove to be successful with your personal injury compensation claim.

  • You were owed a legal duty of care: We must show that the at-fault party had a responsibility to keep you safe, like with the duty of care from medical staff to patients.
  • The duty of care was breached: Negligent or reckless behavior resulted in the duty of care being breached, meaning that the at-fault party is liable.
  • The breach of duty caused your injuries: Your injuries were caused as a direct result of the breach of duty, as supported by medical reports and other applicable evidence.

Common examples of accident injuries

Various types of serious injuries can result from accidents. Typically, we represent victims who have suffered the following injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: from concussion to injuries requiring permanent medical care.
  • Spinal cord injuries: painful injuries requiring long-term treatment or even resulting in paralysis.
  • Broken bones: usually temporary injuries that heal with appropriate medical care.
  • Sensory damage: problems with vision or hearing may require significant life changes.
  • Facial injuries: scarring, disfiguration, long-term physical and emotional suffering.
  • Amputation: may occur in a serious accident or be required medically.

Most of these injuries are clear and evident. Sometimes, however, injuries can be internal and only become evident well after the accident. This can lead to serious issues and so it is important to be thoroughly checked by a health professional after any serious accident.

What happens if I was partly at fault for the accident?

In Washington, our “comparative fault” laws allow you to claim damages from an at-fault party even if you were partly at fault for the accident.

For instance, if a judge awards you compensation of $400,000 but you are deemed to be 25 percent at fault for the accident, you would receive only $300,000 in compensation.

Should I accept what my insurance company offers? 

Insurance companies generally make it difficult for you to get fair compensation unless you are prepared to negotiate aggressively with them.

Their loss adjusters are looking to save the insurance company money so will often submit a low offer in the hope that you will settle early.

In general, it is best not to sign any agreements until your personal injury lawyer has vetted the offer.

If you allow our lawyers to handle communications with the insurance company, we will ensure that you maximize your claim. We are familiar with the strategies used by insurance companies and will push for a settlement that is truly in your best interests.

Start with a free consultation by calling (253) 839-9440 today. Remember, we work on a contingency basis so we only get paid if you do.