If you’ve ever been in a car accident, chances are good you suffered a back injury. Forces to the back and spine can damage nerves, muscles, tendons, and vertebrae. Minor injuries may only need rest and medication, but more serious ones can require physical therapy and prolonged treatment. Your doctor may recommend surgery to resolve your pain and suffering. So, after your car accident, when might you want to consider surgery?

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Signs You Might Need Back Surgery

The largest sign that back surgery may be necessary after your car accident is if your pain just doesn’t go away. Pain can be caused by herniated or bulging discs, fractured vertebra, or damage directly to the spinal cord. Symptoms of such injuries can include

  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of sensation in extremities
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Incontinence
  • Respiratory issues
  • Paralysis

These symptoms will affect your quality of life. So does surgery. By talking to your doctor you might find other options, like physical therapy or injections. But once you’ve decided to get back surgery after your car accident, what might that involve?

Type Of Surgeries

The type of surgery will depend on your specific car accident back injuries. For fractured vertebra or herniated discs, spinal fusion (where two vertebrae are fused together) can help. Another useful option for spinal fractures is vertebroplasty, where bone cement is injected to repair the break. Spinal discs, which act as shock absorbers, sometimes need to be removed in a process known as discectomy. Recovery from back surgery can take months, and may require wearing a brace, physical therapy, or even further surgeries. Your back surgery will also, of course, have a major impact on your car accident personal injury claim.

For your car accident claim to succeed, you need reliable evidence that your back surgery was necessary. Beyond your regular doctor’s referral, you’ll need to see a specialist like an orthopedist. Your surgeon will also review your records and must agree surgery’s the best option.

Dealing with a car accident is challenging, but a serious procedure like spinal fusion can increase your settlement’s value. It must be noted that there’s no guarantee of a large settlement. You’d need to work closely with your car accident attorney to gather any medical records and other documents that support your auto injury claim. You might even need to take your case to the courts to get the settlement you deserve.

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Trials and Insurance Company

At times, the threat of trial can move an insurance company to offer a just settlement. If that doesn’t work, your car accident lawyer will contact your medical providers to testify on your behalf. Their knowledge and expertise can establish for a jury the importance of your back surgery. You may have to testify yourself, but your personal injury lawyer will prepare you for this.

Your attorney can show you how to tell your story in such a way that it captures the jury’s attention. You can help them understand the true scope of the pain your car accident caused. Very often juries rule based on how credible they find you personally. You want them to imagine what it’d be like if they were hurt as badly as you. When the jury understands that, you’re far likelier to receive the compensation you deserve.

Surgery may be the best option for serious pain. Finding the right surgeon and getting your surgery, while managing the rest of your life, can be a daunting task. That is why you’ll want an experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorney working for you. We here at Park Chenaur and Associates have helped many clients through their treatment phase and have fought for them all the way through trial. No one should deal with back injuries after a car accident alone; please call us and we can be with you every step of the way.

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