Litigation Attorney, Park Chenaur & Associates

Kimberly Peterson is a hardworking and dedicated litigation attorney at our firm. She proudly holds degrees from Indiana University Northwest and Valparaiso University School of Law. Having recently relocated to Washington from Utah, Kimberly brings a wealth of legal expertise to our team and possesses a solid foundation in legal education as well as a warm heart determined to help clients through their medical and legal struggles. Her dedication to justice and care for others was prominently displayed during her three-year tenure as a public defender, where she passionately advocated for the rights of indigent clients. After switching to the civil side, Kimberly still works tirelessly to fight for her clients and aid them through the legal process. 

Kimberly is known for her vibrant personality and diverse interests. Outside the courtroom, she enjoys traveling to new places, hiking, and reading. She also loves cats, Taylor Swift, and writes novels in her spare time.  

As a valued addition to our team, Kimberly continues to channel her passion for helping others, ensuring that our clients receive the unwavering support and legal expertise they deserve during challenging times.

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