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Proven Results from Our Federal Way Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, you may need to pursue a legal claim. You can be compensated for your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, and any long-term effects of your injuries. One of the things to look for when considering which attorney will best represent you is to consider past cases, how well they treated their clients and what kind of results they’ve obtained in cases similar to yours.

Here are some representative cases for your review so you can see how hard Park Chenaur and Associates work for their clients:

Car Accident resulting in Surgery

Our client was driving his truck through an intersection when another vehicle, making an illegal left turn, collided into him.  Following the collision, our client exited his truck to survey the damage.  As he did so, the driver of the vehicle that made the prior illegal turn, negligently backed her vehicle into our client, pinning him between his truck and her vehicle.   As a result of both accidents, our client sustained debilitating injuries to his neck, lower back, and right shoulder that required multiple surgeries.  Despite treatment, he continued to experience ongoing discomfort, daily headaches, and lower radiating pain that resulted in him walking with a limp.  His injuries severely impacted every aspect of his daily life from employment (he was forced to change jobs) to family life (he could no longer play with his young children) to basic everyday activities (he could no longer drive for long periods of time).

Our attorneys worked hard on behalf of our client and were able to negotiate a $1,000,000.00 settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Rear-End Accident

Minority Clients Unfairly Treated, Low-Ball Insurance Offer Overcome

Our clients were rear-ended in what looked at first like a minor accident. The victims were injured far worse than the vehicle damage indicated and they had $8,000 in medical expenses as a result. The at-fault driver’s insurance company offered a meager $3,000. The victims spoke only Spanish and had been turned down by other law firms before they came to Park Chenaur.

We felt they were being treated unfairly and took their case. After filing a legal claim, we triumphed in arbitration. But the insurance company pushed back and it went to a jury trial. In the end, we won $20,000 plus legal fees plus a multiplier resulting in a total judgment of over $100,000 which was a far cry for the insurer’s initial $3,000 offer. We believed our client and the jury did too.

Medical Malpractice

Physician Misprescribed Medications, Sickened Patient

Our client was a long-term diabetic with high cholesterol whose doctor prescribed a combination of cholesterol drugs at a dosage contrary to FDA guidelines. As a result, the victim suffered acute kidney failure. The doctor and his insurance company denied responsibility for the resulting traumatic medical crisis. They continued to make denials and refused to engage in settlement negotiations even after we filed a lawsuit.

We brought in our medical experts and used the doctor’s own reports to prove his liability. We went to binding arbitration under the medical negligence statute and won over $600,000 for our client. Nothing can make up for the toll the medical negligence took on our client’s health, but the settlement will help improve his quality of life that has been damaged by the doctor’s actions.

Workplace Injury

Leased Worker, Non-L & I

Our client was a young man who was injured while working at a food processing plant of a national company. He was employed by a temporary staffing agency who sent him to work at this plant.

The client sustained serious injuries to his hand when a co-worker turned on a blender while he was cleaning it. The client had two of his fingers nearly amputated and required emergency surgery. Fortunately, doctors were able to surgically repair the fingers and he regained most of the use of his hand. Defendant’s insurance company denied liability. They claimed our client was responsible for his own injuries. Our client said he was cleaning the machine just like he was trained. We filed suit. During litigation, we hired a hand expert, career placement specialist, and consulted with expert physicians to help increase the value of the claim.

After a year of litigation, the case settled at mediation for $230,000.

Slip & Fall

Older Woman the Victim of Property Negligence

Our elderly client was celebrating New Year’s Eve at a local casino. She fell when her heel caught in a hole in the ground. The casino had taken posts out of the ground but neglected to cover or fill in the holes.

When our client fell, she broke her hip, injured her ankle, and suffered damage to some of her internal organs. We negotiated extensively with the casino’s insurance company and won a $140,000 settlement for our client’s injuries.

Head-on Car Accident

College Student with Traumatic Knee Injury Victim

Our client was a former pitcher for a local college team who was still in school working on his computer science degree. A negligent driver driving in the wrong lane swerved into our client’s vehicle and hit him head-on. The force of the crash was so strong that our client’s knee broke the dashboard when it slammed into it.

Because our client was young and physically fit, he was able to recover from most of his injuries except the trauma to his knee. He had to have orthopedic surgery to repair his meniscus damaged in the wreck. We were able to get him the maximum policy limit settlement of $100,000.

Pedestrian Accident

$350,000 Settlement for Elderly Woman

Our client, an 81-year-old Federal Way Woman, ordered a taxi from Rainier Dispatch. When the taxi arrived, the driver allegedly failed to place the cab’s gear in park. While helping our client walk to the back door to enter the cab, attorneys claim that it began to roll. According to documents submitted to Rainier’s insurer, the driver let go of her arm and rushed to the cab to put the car in gear to stop it from rolling. This allegedly caused her to fall, causing serious injuries, including a displaced fracture of the femur and contusions on her left elbow and knee. The injuries required surgery, as well as ongoing physical and occupational therapy.

Our Federal Way personal injury lawyers felt that the taxi driver was negligent, failing to properly park his cab, resulting in the accident. We ultimately worked with the insurance company to settle the case for $350,000.

Pedestrian Accident

Young Man Hit By SUV

Our client was crossing the street in Lake Stevens when he was struck by a Ford Expedition. He suffered extremely serious injuries including an open fracture of the tibia and fibula shaft, left leg lacerations, and cabs and cuts on elbows. His medical records indicated that he would require 6 months of recovery time, followed by therapy. He was scheduled to start a new job the day after the accident but was unable to work following the accident. Therefore, in addition to asking for compensation for his injuries, we asked the at-fault driver’s insurer to compensate him for lost wages. We ultimately negotiated a $200,000 settlement with the insurance company.

Pedestrian Accident

Homeowner Struck in the Street

After our client’s house was once again egged by vandals, he chased the miscreants out into the street trying to see who had been trespassing and damaging his property. While standing on the residential street in front of his home, he was struck by a car. Our client flew over the hood, into the windshield, and landed on the concrete 14 feet from where the car stopped.

He broke his hip, ribs and suffered a concussion which caused ongoing pain and a limp that lasted over 18 months while he recuperated. The insurance company blamed our client for being in the street even though there were extenuating circumstances. We pushed back on the insurance company and were finally able to get the maximum policy limit settlement of $100,000.

Rear-End Car Accident

Little Damage to Car, Big Damage to Victim

Our client was a young man, just over 18 years old when he was rear-ended by a negligent driver. This was another case where although the vehicle damage wasn’t extensive, the soft tissue injuries to the victim were substantial – our client ended up needing shoulder surgery as a result.

With property damage estimated surprisingly low at just $500, we knew we were facing a tough case but were ready to fight to protect our client. We went to work and were able to win him the maximum policy limit settlement of $100,000.

Motorcycle Accident

$160,000 Settlement After Serious Injuries

Our client was riding his motorcycle in Kirkland when a car suddenly pulled out in front of him. He was unable to stop and collided with the front driver’s side of the car. We alleged that he suffered serious injuries, including a fractured jaw, scrotal tear, shoulder pain, knee injuries, left hand and wrist pain, chest and rib pain, among other injuries. He claimed that his injuries prevented him from driving a car, working at his job, dress, shave, as well as other limitations that severely decreased the quality of his daily life.

We negotiated a $160,000 settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Compassionate Counsel. Impressive Results.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in any type of accident, Park Chenaur is ready to help you. We pride ourselves on always providing compassionate counsel to our clients combined with aggressive advocacy to get the best results. We offer multi-lingual services in English, Korean and Spanish. If you’ve been turned down by other law firms, contact us to discuss your claim – we’re ready to listen. Your initial consultation is free and we can come to you if you are recovering from your injuries.

We take on personal injury cases on a fee contingency basis, so we can represent you right away with no up-front payment needed and we won’t charge a fee until we get you a settlement! Contact Park Chenaur today so we can get to work negotiating the maximum settlement in the minimum time for your case.