An auto accident is never good, but being hit by a large commercial truck is terrifying. These trucks can weigh as much as thirty times your average car. Even at slow speeds, they can demolish your vehicle. Your injuries may be light, or they may be so catastrophic you’ll face them for the rest of your life. Determining liability can be difficult, and the causes of the accident may not be obvious.

Stimulants and Commercial Trucks

It’s a common misconception that abuse of drugs and alcohol by big rig drivers causes most commercial truck accidents. Stimulant use can be an issue, but if a company skirts safety regulations and incentivizes truckers to drive longer than is safe, it can lead to error. Poor training or inexperience is sometimes involved. So too is poor maintenance. Distracted or aggressive driving and speeding, while not unique to truck accidents, may cause more harm when you’re hit by a fully loaded semi. The danger you face in an accident like this is real.

The basic physics involved in a truck weighing 90,000 pounds or more and hitting a car of around 3,000 pounds makes it unlikely you’ll escape injury. 4,119 people died in large truck accidents in 2019; only 18% were in the truck. Over 160,000 were injured in the same year, with injuries ranging from whiplash and soft tissue damage to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. Transported materials can increase an accident’s severity; spilled gasoline may ignite, or a toxic substance can be released into the air. And once this accident has happened, proving who is at fault can be a major issue all on its own.

Semi Truck Accident Insurance

A challenge with large truck accident insurance claims is proving just who is liable. Some drivers are independent contractors, and if the accident is due to their negligence, you might be dealing with them. But the truck’s owner and an operator may be different, and the vehicle cab and trailer might be separately insured. You might have a case against whoever loaded the cargo if that was found to be part of the problem, or the maintenance company if the accident was caused due to lack of repair. Trying to determine fault could take years, which is why you need an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer at your side.

Semi Truck Injury Attorney

Hiring an injury attorney takes burdens off your back. When multiple parties are at-fault, your injury lawyer would be working to determine each party’s responsibility, and thus what kind of claim to present against each of them. Some parties might settle prior to trial, but others may go to court. You won’t need to settle with everyone at once, and your litigation lawyer would take care of gathering evidence and calling on expert witnesses that might be needed to testify at your trial. It can be a long process, but your attorney will get you your rightful settlement.

No auto accident is easy, but being hit by a giant commercial truck may overwhelm your life. Even getting your car replaced can be a major burden if you’re dealing with multiple insurance carriers. You will want skilled, trustworthy attorneys to help you, especially if your case goes to trial. We at Park Chenaur and Associates have years of experience representing clients in commercial truck accident cases, before and during litigation. We will fight for you the whole way and won’t stop until you’ve gotten the settlement you deserve.

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