Reporting a case, getting a medical check-up, and finding a lawyer after a car accident can be stressful. You can hence decide not to do all of that if you deem the accident to be minor. 

Not getting a lawyer sets you up for exploitation by insurance companies and can also have various negative implications. 

Reasons to hire a lawyer after a minor car accident 

Here are some of the reasons to consider a lawyer after a minor car accident:

  • Hidden injuries 

It’s normal not to feel anything in the body immediately after a minor accident. The adrenaline at this time is the highest and would protect you from the pain. However, after some time, the body resets to normal. That is when you realize the extent of injuries.

If you failed to report the accident, you might find it hard to seek compensation for your injuries if the property damage was minor.  Compensation only happens if you can prove the injuries are a direct result of the accident. Without a lawyer, it gets hard to collect and present evidence to show the accident implications. 

  • The other guy 

After an accident, you imagine you don’t want to waste each other’s time when there is no significant damage to your cars or injuries. You only exchange contacts and let everything slide.

However, a few days later, you get summoned to a law court with the other guy seeking compensation for the damages from the accident. Worse, the claims are exaggerated and will cost you a fortune when you lose. 

Having failed to report the accident, you probably don’t have enough evidence or rebuttal to save your skin. 

  • Lower compensation

Failing to file a report after an accident sets you up for lesser compensation. Even though the other party might accept fault, the insurance company is not always willing to pay the right amount. 

As a business, the insurance company seeks to make the most returns by paying you less or no money. As such, they will always offer to settle as soon as possible after an accident. At this point, you are never too sure of the extent of car damages or injuries. However, once you accept the settlement, there is no redress. 

The only way to ensure rightful compensation is by having a personal injury lawyer. The attorney will assess the damage and provide evidence for the same. 

How to find the right lawyer after a minor car accident 

Given the role of a lawyer after a minor accident, you understand you need the best one for your case. 

Anyone can set up a professional legal website, so how do you know they are the best qualified for your case? And how do you go about the search?

  • Ask for referrals 

Word of mouth remains a reliable way to get information. Speak to friends and family for recommendations on the lawyers they have worked with before. Likely, someone will only refer someone who represented them well. As such, you are assured of the best experience from referrals. 

  • Research online 

The internet has made it easy to find lawyers. Look for a licensed lawyer with good standing at the time of your accident. 

Check for the lawyer’s bar status from the local bar association database to determine their standing. 

  • Look for experience 

The experience of a lawyer determines if they are ideal for your case. Understand how frequently they handle similar cases. You should also establish how many of such cases end in settlements, trials, or even losses. 

In Conclusion 

Yes, you should hire a lawyer after a minor car accident. Getting represented by a qualified lawyer is the only way to get the rightful compensation. An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to collect and present evidence for your case. 

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