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Personal Injury AttorneyWith Covid-19 winding down and the summer heat ramping up, many families across America are heading back to amusement parks. With roller coasters and other fast rides, these parks offer a thrill that you can’t get anywhere else and memories that last a lifetime with your family and friends.

But so it goes with any machinery, all large machines like those of roller coasters need to be kept up and properly maintained in order for it to be able to operate without any issue or harm to other riders. Sadly, there are some parks that have been around for a long time who have rides that haven’t gotten as much maintenance as they should have. Years and years of usage and weathering ends up leading to slowly eroding parts that eventually snap and cause injury to a rider. So what do you do if you’re a person who has been injured at an amusement park?

1. Record the scene: If you are able to, document the accident. Get pictures of things like the broken equipment and your injury. Also given the unique locale of an amusement park, it’s likely that someone might’ve been taking a video of their experience and happened to get your accident on video. Also write down what happened at the accident. It’s very easy to forget important details days later that you’ll need to assist you in your case.

2. Go to the emergency room immediately and follow up: The biggest mistake people make is not going to the emergency room after an accident. Not only are you vulnerable to your injury becoming greater due to it not being properly treated, but your also make yourself vulnerable to the opposing party diminishing or disproving the validity of your damage claim because they can say, “why should we compensate you for damages that you yourself didn’t think was serious enough since you didn’t get any medical evaluations?” So it’s of the utmost importance that you get evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible.

3. Stay off social media: You may want to get on social media and run swords and knives through the amusement park where you were injured, but the best thing you can do is let your lawyer do the talking. Plenty of people have gotten on social media and made statements that diminished the value of their cases. Even the most harmless statements can act against you, so just stay off and keep it cool.

If you have questions about a case, contact a personal injury attorney like the lawyers at Eric Roy Law Firm for help.

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