St. Vincent de Paul in Seattle and King County is made up of more than 50 conferences—“all-volunteer neighborhood support groups” who make personal in-home visits and personal contacts to help people with survival and self-sufficiency support. Our neighborhood volunteers are the heart, soul, and face of our organization. We would not exist without them. Their approach to working with people who are suffering and need help is unique. Each conference has a group of members who gather to serve people who need help in their area. These visits help determine the exact nature and detail of the assistance required to help our neighbors.

We annually serve close to 150,000 people in home visits, case management, food bank, and related programs. Every year we know our service plays a major role in helping to prevent evictions, all of which are expensive personal and financial tragedies. Costs getting someone back into a home after an eviction are substantial and can amount to between $13,000 and $40,000 per year according to research done by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

We invite you to visit St. Vincent de Paul’s website to learn more about this wonderful organization.

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