Here’s what you need to know…

#1 Keep Calm and Carry On

This is a good time to heed the old British mantra and keep your wits about you even if you (or a passenger) are seriously injured. If you’re able, call 911 and request police and emergency medical assistance. Major accidents usually trigger a number of 911 calls, so even if you can’t dial yourself, likely someone else will. It’s important not to panic and to wait calmly for help to arrive and to let the police and EMTs do their job.

#2 Be a Good Patient

Allow the EMTs to examine you and if they recommend emergency treatment, take a ride in the ambulance to the hospital. If they recommend urgent treatment but tell you that you can transport yourself to the doctor or ER, that’s fine, but be sure to follow up. Not only can neglecting medical attention cause you harm but it can also lower your chances of winning your car accident case. To make sure you get the best result, get medical care!

#3 Pay Attention (If Possible)

While you’re waiting for the police and ambulance, if you have your wits about you, try to notice what’s going on, where the cars ended up and try to recall the circumstances of the wreck. If you have a smart phone that takes pictures, snap some photos of the positions of the cars, skid marks on the road, any damage you can easily see without hurting yourself. Also, if you can record witness statements, that’s helpful too.

#4 Get an Attorney ASAP

Insurance companies love accident victims that try to deal with a personal injury claim without a lawyer because they know they can take advantage. Not only do you need legal expertise to win a car accident claim, but you need experience dealing with insurance company tactics designed to lower (or eliminate) compensation to you for the accident, injuries and pain you suffered. Call an attorney as soon as possible so they can protect you!

#5 Limit Contact With Your Insurance Company

After an accident, you have to be careful about talking to any insurance company – yours or the other driver’s. Either may try to take advantage. You usually must notify your insurer within 24-48 hours to let them know about the accident, but don’t talk to them in depth without advice from your lawyer. Tell them the date and time of the accident but don’t discuss blame or tell them anything about your injuries. Let your lawyer handle all this!

#6 Focus on Recovery

Let Your Lawyer Focus on Winning

Being in an accident can be stressful. Physical pain is bad enough, but if it’s accompanied by financial worries such as dealing with your damaged vehicle, worrying about medical bills and costs of treatment and medications, it can feel overwhelming. That’s enough to deal with without dealing with legal matters too. And your anxiety may lead you to make a poor decision just to get the situation done with. This is not in your best interest.

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