We offer every person with a possible case a free consultation. During this consultation, we ask questions about what happened and uncover the strength of the case by determining what evidence will be available, who was at fault in causing injuries, and whether the defendant was negligent. We can also assess existing and pending medical bills and treatment to determine potential damages.

To be fair, most law firms offer this free service.

In the case of a medical malpractice case, however, there is an additional step we take that other law firms do not.

As part of our initial evaluation process, we have medical malpractice clients meet with Dr. Angus Ng, a Park Chenaur attorney who is also a former emergency room doctor. Dr. Ng has more than 20 years of emergency room experience, and is also a personal injury lawyer.

Having Dr. Ng available to evaluate cases provides a number of benefits to our potential clients.

First, he can delve into important medical issues that will impact the case such as:

  • Were the correct medications prescribed?
  • Were the dosages correct, and adjusted based on side effects?
  • Were the appropriate diagnostic tests and blood work conducted to correctly diagnose the patient?
  • Was the patient given appropriate advice for when and how to follow-up?
  • Was the patient referred to specialists, if medically necessary?

In addition to using Dr. Ng’s expertise, we, like other law firms, hire subject matter experts, medical specialists who can testify in court.

However, having Dr. Ng’s insight first can help us be more sure of the strength of the case, and the kind of expert we need to hire.

Second, having a medical doctor who is also a lawyer examine your case at the beginning of the process ensures that a fusion of both disciplines is included in our decision to take on your case. Some cases might be very powerful as a matter of medical evidence, but details in the law, such as the financial structure of the defendants or the amount of time that has passed, may make a substantial recovery.

Please contact us if you believe you may have a medical malpractice case. We can provide quickly provide a medical and legal consultation free of charge, with no obligation.

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