On May 6, 2013, Ina McCartney, 81, ordered a taxi from Rainier Dispatch, AKA Farwest Taxi, in Federal Way. When the taxi arrived, the driver allegedly failed to place the cab’s gear in park. While helping Ms. McCartney walk to the back door to enter the cab, attorneys claim that it began to roll.

According to documents submitted to Rainier’s insurer, Scottsdale Insurance Co., the driver let go of Ms. McCartney’s arm, and rushed to the cab to put the car in gear to stop it from rolling. This allegedly caused Ms. McCartney to fall, causing serious injuries, including a displaced fracture of the femor and contusions on her left elbow and knee. The injuries required surgery, as well as ongoing physical and occupational therapy. She continues to require a walker, as well as supervision to prevent another fall.

Park Chenaur attorneys represented Ms. McCartney, demanding that the taxi’s insurer pay for her reasonable medical expenses resulting from the incident.

“The driver in this case made two crucial, and completely avoidable, errors,” said Rick Park, partner at Park Chenaur. “First, he failed to safely park his cab to prevent it from rolling. Then, when he attempted to stop the cab from rolling, he failed to take any reasonable care to prevent Ms. McCartney from falling and suffering serious injuries.”

Following Park Chenaur’s efforts to resolve the matter, Rainer’s insurer agreed to a $350,000 settlement, which will reimburse Ms. McCartney for her extensive medical expenses.

“We are pleased that Rainier agreed to honor its policy and make things right,” concluded Park.

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