It can be challenging to know what skills to look for and how to know up-front if you’ve made the best attorney selection for your circumstances.
For those who have been the victims of medical malpractice or medical negligence, you’ve already suffered enough. You need a good malpractice attorney who can make things better for you.

Here’s five things to consider to help you find a good malpractice lawyer in Tacoma:

#1 Specialization

Just because an attorney handles personal injury cases in general doesn’t mean they have medical malpractice expertise in particular. Some lawyers will focus mostly on workers compensation and on-the-job accidents while still others do mostly car accident cases. Still others are jack-of-all personal injury tradesmen with general skills rather than particular expertise. You want a lawyer with an impressive roster of medical malpractice cases successfully negotiated or litigated. You can usually research this on the attorney’s website.

#2 Experience

It’s not enough that an attorney h as had a handful of malpractice cases over their years of experience – but rather that they’ve had a great many and the bulk of them successful. And when it comes to experience, you don’t want someone who’s fresh out of law school – they won’t have the chops to get you the best settlement for your circumstances. Of course they need to gain experience somewhere, but it doesn’t need to be with your case.

You want your malpractice attorney to have years of experience prior to taking on your case. You can usually also research this on the attorney’s website.

#3 Size of Law Firm

You may get loads of attention at a one or two person law firm, but they may not have the resources to properly handle your case. But you must also be cautious about using a very large law firm. Your initial consultation may be with an experienced medical malpractice attorney but then your case can be delegated to one of their huge roster of lesser qualified and experienced attorneys.

The preference is a medium sized firm that has a handful of experienced attorneys with an adequate support staff present. A law firm that offers bios and photos of team members including support staff indicates both the size of the firm and the value of their support staff.

#4 Reputation

You want a medical malpractice attorney that is well thought of both by their peers and by former clients. A respected ratings site such as is a good venue to gauge reputation and professional standing. Look for a rating of very good and customer reviews that show the attorney is accomplished, competent and treats their clients well.

Also look for someone with peer reviews that show that they are respected in the local Tacoma legal community. Someone who has positive client experience, high ratings and respectful peer reviews is an attorney who will likely treat you well.

#5 Local Location

There are two main reasons you want a local Tacoma medical malpractice lawyer. First is that it will make it more convenient for you to meet with your attorney when needed. But more importantly, they will be plugged into the local courts and know the local judges. Conversely, choosing an attorney from outside the system where your case will be filed can throw up roadblocks.

How to Get Started

If you or a loved one have been seriously impacted by medical malpractice or medical negligence, Park Chenaur can help you immediately. No matter what happened – whether it was misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, failure to treat, inadequate or improper treatment – we are here for you. Park Chenaur always works on a contingency basis with our medical malpractice clients, so we can represent you right away with no up-front payment. Plus we don’t charge a fee until you get a settlement!

Please contact us for a free consultation today to discuss your medical malpractice or medical negligence injuries and circumstances. At Park Chenaur, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy. We offer multi-lingual services in English, Korean and Spanish.

Contact Park Chenaur today so we can work on getting you the best settlement as soon as possible. Reach us today via our website or call us at (253) 839-9440.

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